A series of programs curated by Andrew Herzog and Elie Andersen staged in concert with Andrew Herzog’s exhibition EREMOCENE.

NOW is both a time and a place. But how do we create NOW? We live in the shadow of the past and its burden on the future–simultaneously attempting to reconcile the past and anxious about our plans for the future. In defiance of that, we want to acknowledge NOW and gather to learn, teach, and share with one another. Our programs take into consideration the implications, affordances, anxieties, and opportunities of the past and future to create space for NOW.
Programs will take place at 35 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY and start promptly at the times listed below. Participatory programs, will be first come first served. If you do not make it in time to participate you are more than welcome to stay, observe, and listen. Live streamed programs will be viewable at index-space.org

Participatory programs are marked with an *
Virtual viewings are marked with an +
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via:via:via is a game of ‘Mosha'ere’ in absentia between two deceased poets, Etel Adnan (1925-2021) and Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980). Mosha'ere is a traditional Iranian poetry recitation game where one player recites a line of a poetry, and a second player must then recite from memory another poem in which the first letter of its first word is the same as the last letter of the last word of the line recited by the previous player. Although it’s believed that the two never met in person, in this work they exchange verses and passages in a game of Mosha'ere via the artist as she recites their words in their absentia. In this version of the game, instead of the letters indicating the next verse, concepts and words do.
Pasta Ecologies*
A handmade pasta workshop in which participants will engage with pasta as a distillation of broader ecologies of both human and more than human labor. The goal of the workshop is to develop through practice a critical understanding of traditional labor and its embedded histories. Pasta or truly any traditional craft can serve to cultivate an awareness of labor that conditionally includes the landscapes and ecologies that produce the raw materials as well as the people who perpetuate the tradition. In the workshop, we ask how engaging with traditional food-ways produces (or re-produces) relations between individuals or between culture and nature. We will end the workshop by tasting our creations which will be vegetarian with a vegan option and will contain gluten.
Mediation Meditation*
Writer Gideon Jacobs will talk about how meditation has leaked into his writing, how his writing has leaked into his meditation, and the antithetical nature of mixing fiction with any spiritual practice concerned with truth. He will lead a few guided meditations along the way.
Practicing Social Art in Your Community*
During this workshop on social practice art and design, we will investigate the opportunities, considerations, and challenges of making art in the service of immediacy, mutual aid, and resource distribution for specific communities. The workshop ends with the cooking and assembling of meals to share with each other in the space, and for our unhoused and food insecure neighbors.
Stood at an angle out on Botany Bay. It’s the middle of the night and it is low tide. The sand is dark grey and the sea is darker grey and the sky is blackgrey. I’m flying a kite. The kite is black against the furry grey. It’s wings rippling, clicking. So loud. I’m pulling at thunder on a string. My arms are tense and I’m freezing and my eyes are streaming. Me and my kite are silhouettes. The kite frantically turns off stars as it twitches around the sky. It feels violent and scary, as if the deafening rippling sound from the kite is obscuring some horror approaching from the water. All my focus is on the black triangle. I am focused and lost and basically no help to anybody. It's a thrilling waste of time.
Symphosynthesis de Otzkö Kazo
Through sound, rhythm, and instrumentation, Ari Melenciano creates a portal into the world of Otzkö Kazo. The composition includes the bio-sonification of botanical quantum computers, an assemblage of spiritual harmonization methods across Earth, and rhythmic structures that explore math and time in pursuit of sonically catalyzing entrance into the subconscious.
Digital Celluloid
Screening five experimental films curated from the Film-Makers' Cooperative archive that delve into the exploration of physical space and our relation to it and our bodies, the complex dynamics of talking about sex and relationships, the enigma of the unknown and who we are, and the enduring nature of personal vision amidst a changing world. These films span from the years 1983-2022, reflect the perpetual unresolved issues and questions we have that persist in society, reminding us that certain aspects transcend time. Inspired by the prompt "NOW is both a time and a place," this programming aims to embrace the present moment by acknowledging the weight of the past and the uncertainty of the future, fostering a space where we can learn, teach, and share with one another while considering the implications, opportunities, anxieties, and possibilities that both the past and future hold.
Due to the air quality in New York City being Very Unhealthy all programming for 06.07.23 was canceled. The poor air quality is due to the 2023 Central Canada wildfires, a series of ongoing wildfires in the Central Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec that began on 2 June 2023.
Landscapes of Collective Trauma Virtual Field Study+
Atlanta-based artist and designer Carley Rickles invites participants to join her on a field study in Berlin, Germany. While abroad Rickles will be examining how Germany uses its built environment to work through trauma leftover from the Holocaust and the Berlin Wall. She will share a video from one of her site studies for viewers to observe and respond to through a guided field log.

Carley invites you to conduct your own Field Study with this worksheet. You can download and send back to her here.
Art as Existence*
Featuring call + response, audio, visuals, and poetry, this participatory talk speaks to all the courageous ways a life can be expressed and lived on earth. Art as Existence examines the peace we must make with the boogeymen of our own psyches to free ourselves from the stuff that's causing us suffering, so we figure out what round 2 is gonna look like.
Exhibits as Spaces of Belonging
Isometric Studio partners Andy Chen and Waqas Jawaid will share some recent exhibition design case studies from their collaborations with museums in NYC and beyond. Exhibitions tend to capture the “now” as they are brief moments in time when communities gather to update and deepen their collective understanding about specific narratives.